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Smart Living Desktop for Windows - Personal Edition
Smart Living Desktop for Windows - Personal Edition
The Smart Living Desktop unlocks Windows for individuals with a wide range of cognitive barriers to computer use.

The specially designed, cognitively accessible interface transforms a typical PC into an entryway into the world of music, communication, and web browsing - all within a safe and simple environment. The touchscreen interface employs visual and audio direction to seamlessly guide users in and out of the daily technological supports that we all take for granted.

The Personal Edition allows for a single user on a single computer. With the Agency Edition upgrade (see below), an unlimited number of users can be created on a single computer.

The Smart Living Desktop provides for picture-and-audio access to any web content or programs on the local computer and includes the capability for complete customization of the user experience: Button sizes, backgrounds, and other settings can all be tailored to the needs of the user.

For a complete Windows solution that includes desktop navigation, email, web browsing, video modeling, and media playback - all in AbleLink's trademark simplified interface - check out the Smart Living Suite 3.0.

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Price: $99.00

Bundle with Windows hardware:
Add Windows All-in-One PC: + $1300.00
Upgrade Smart Living software to the Agency Edition: (+ $250.00)