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The Council on Quality and Leadership POST Scale - Windows
The Council on Quality and Leadership POST Scale - Windows
The CQL POST App (Personal Outcome Screening Tool) is an exploratory survey tool, sharing a snapshot view of quality of life through the exploration of outcomes, using easy-to-understand language, audio prompts, and images - all on a touch screen with both English and Spanish capabilities. The survey, which can be completed by the person receiving supports, looks at the presence and importance of 21 quality-of-life outcomes, covering topics such as health, safety, respect, relationships, finances, inclusion, employment and more.

The information gathered can be printed out as an individual report or aggregated into an accessible online database, to help develop priority areas for person-centered planning. The app includes 15 free surveys, with additional surveys available for purchase through quarterly billing or a tiered pricing structure with bulk discount rates available.

This software is for use on the Windows operating system. Learn more about the CQL POST app at www.c-q-l.org/POST.

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