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ATLAS VantagePoint System
ATLAS VantagePoint System
The ATLAS VantagePoint System includes four surveys designed to give the people you serve a voice in their own care. Everything you need is ready to go out of the box, including a kiosk and a portable unit with all four surveys installed. You also receive a customized, secure cloud service for your organization's data collection and management. Two years of this service, along with unlimited survey usage, are included with your purchase of the ATLAS VantagePoint System.

The VantagePoint software includes content in four key areas, all based on AbleLink’s 20 years of research and development in the area of cognitive support technology:

• My Views About My Home
• My Views About My Work
• My Views About Accessing My Community
• My Views About My Day Program

NOTE: The ATLAS VantagePoint System is delivered on Android software and hardware. For information on other platforms, please contact us.

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Price: $5,000.00